Report: Shah Rukh Khan boycotts America

MUMBAI — Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, still miffed about being questioned for more than an hour Shah_rukh_khan at Newark's Liberty International Airport, has said that he will not visit America again under any circumstances that do not involve making money.

Melvin report "I will go there only for movies, concerts and paid appearances," King Khan said. "But other than that, I am totally boycotting America."

Khan, 43, said he will also try to minimize the number of days he stays in America, even on business trips. "If I have a concert in New York on Monday and another in Chicago on Wednesday, I will try to spend Tuesday in Canada."

He added that many of his American fans would be willing to travel to Toronto to see him perform. "I have had no trouble at the airports in Canada," Khan said. "The only question I have been asked by Canadian immigration officials is, 'Can we have your autograph?'"

Khan, who has appeared in more than 70 movies and is arguably the biggest movie star in India, was questioned for 66 minutes at Newark airport. He called the incident "embarrassing," saying he had not been questioned so aggressively since 1991, when he first met his future father-in-law. "The surprising thing is that he asked me some of the same questions," he said. "What do you do for a living? Do you belong to any terrorist organization?"

Khan thanked his fans for supporting him, saying he had received thousands of letters and emails. "One fan said he will boycott American products for the rest of his life," Khan said. "I don't know how he's going to do it, because he lives in New Jersey."

Some of his fans have urged Indian officials to detain Hollywood stars when they visit India, to give them the same treatment that Khan received in America. "I hope they will call me if they do that," Khan said. "I am more than willing to frisk Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox."

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  1. Not funny at all. Dont make fun of SRK. The incident should be condemned.

  2. GoldenEmbers says:

    This is so funny. He’s making such a big deal out of this, I mean, really, lots of people get questioned, he doesn’t have to boycott America. He’s blowing this WAY out of proportion. I find it hilarious. But then again, I REALLY don’t like SRK.

  3. Hilarious & funny !
    Looks like SRK wanted little cheap publicity stunt or immigration officer to have autographed (photographed with) him 🙂

  4. Hilarious and REALLY funny. I think this was arranged with the immigration officer.

  5. Very funny! 😀

  6. Ha ha I didn’t know about this but so typical for a Bollywood star to blow things out of proportion.

  7. Great blog)

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