Getting roasted over a coaster

Some spelling mistakes can be quite embarrassing. Take, for example, the mistake that someone at Cms Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina didn't spot. As a result, hundreds of teachers in the school system received free coasters bearing the words "Career and Technical Eduction."

Yes, you guessed it. It should have been: "Career and Techniqual Eduction."

A CMS spokesperson told us the company that printed the coasters, Ad Concepts, didn't catch the mistake and neither did CMS when they approved the proof.

That's hard to believe for some parents.

"Nobody picked it up? Nobody was able to proofread this?" asked parent Talia Goldman. "It doesn't make me happy." [Link]

Commenters on the Internet were also displeased. Wrote one woman: "What a SAD commentary on our eduction system."

Wrote another: "Now you know why I took my kids outta school and am teachin dem at home."

A third commenter was rather blunt: "What imbesiles! Even I can spell bettar than that."

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