Save money — get a cardboard windshield


Just when you thought it was safe to drive on the highway, just when you felt relieved that the government had banned cell phones while driving, here comes a truck with a windshield made of cardboard. And a bright-as-a-turnip driver who's sticking his head out the window to see where he's going. (Straight to the unemployment line, that's where.)

The trucker has now lost his licence, after he drove 800km (500 miles) down a motorway with a sheet of cardboard covering his shattered windscreen.

Sing Li, 24, navigated by sticking his head out of the driver’s window. Unfortunately, this caused him to become rather cold – when he was arrested in Henan, eastern China, not only was one eye frozen shut, but his head was blue from the cold.

'I didn't want to fall behind in my delivery schedule and I couldn't afford a repair,' he told a court. [Link]

It must have been a tough choice — whether to fall behind his delivery schedule or scare the bejesus out of thousands of drivers. 

His mistake, of course, was not reading the Department of Transportation's pamphlet "How to Make a Windshield out of Cardboard." He could have saved himself a lot of trouble by just following Rule No. 1: Before sticking the cardboard on your truck, make sure you cut out a pair of eye holes.

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