Glenn Beck flushes away again

Glenn Beck of Fox News has shared his opinion on why it costs less to get medical treatment in India than in America:

I decided to interview the renowned Indian proctologist Dr. Freddy Reddy to get his reaction to Beck's statements.

Me: "Dr. Reddy, Glenn Beck says that the extra money spent on healthcare in America goes to, quote, 'high-tech hospitals and doctors who studied at Harvard rather than Gajra Raja medical school.' What do you think of that?"

Reddy: "I'm very surprised. I didn't know that Gajra Raja was so well-known in America. The Medical Council of India recently derecognized Gajra Raja for not having high standards, but they may have to reconsider. I'm sure the administrators of Gajra Raja have already created an ad that says: 'Gajra Raja — mentioned on Fox News in the same sentence as Harvard.'"

Me: "Glenn Beck also says that health care workers in America make more money because, quote, 'they have an American lifestyle, maybe a couple of cars, great union benefits, and homes with something that we in America like to call flush toilets.' What do you say about that?"

Reddy: "Flush toilet? What is that? Is it a toilet in an open area? When someone sees you, your face goes flush." 

Me: "No, it's a toilet with a tank and a lever. You flush everything down a pipe."

Reddy: "Oh yes, we built one of those in India once. When President Bush came here, he insisted on having a flush toilet and we built one for him. It was a mobile one, so he could take it all over the country. I believe it's in a museum now. The Museum of Western Oddities."

Me: "Glenn Beck says that India is a beautiful country, especially near, quote, 'that one big river they have there that sounds like a disease. Come on, it does. I mean, if somebody said, 'I'm sorry, you have a really bad case of Ganges,' you'd want Cipro.'"

Reddy: "That's interesting he should say that, because I just had a patient who came to me with a pain in his bottom. I examined him and determined that he had a bad case of Glennbeckroids."

Me: "Were you able to help him?"

Reddy: "Yes, I just pulled the stick out."

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  1. I think Glenn needs to recheck his information. The educational system in India is better than the system anywhere else in the world. Lets have 5 Americans compete with 2 Indians and see whose intellect & knowledge is better…
    Ganges is the name of our holy river and I think maybe Glenn needs to learn some respect for other cultures. Maybe his mother never taught him that.

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