Please check his blog!

Here's a funny video by "Tamil Superstar" Wilbur Sargunaraj (via India Uncut).

If you liked the song, don't miss Wilbur's interview on CBC Radio.

If you enjoyed this piece, you'll love Melvin's novel Bala Takes the Plunge, available in North America through and You can also find it at major bookstores in India and Sri Lanka or online at FlipKart, IndiaPlaza, FriendsofBooks or other sites. A number of readers have written reviews of the novel. An excerpt of the novel can be read here.


  1. Are you asking people to check YOUR blog, by displaying this song here? 🙂

  2. Ha ha, Prathi. I was going to title it “Please check my blog,” but I didn’t want people on FB and Twitter to think I was just promoting my blog — when, in fact, I really was!

  3. Melvin ,This is mindrape! Now, How do I get this ridiculous song out of my head ????:(
    Please .. Its driving me nuts !

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