Prayer requests via Facebook

As part of an ongoing effort to get more young people to participate in church, Good Shepherd United Church decided to accept prayer requests on its Facebook page and print them in its weekly bulletin. HumorColumn Pastor Jim Williams was pleased to see the entire congregation, young and old, reading the bulletin with great interest the following Sunday.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for C.J. as he awaits the results of an important test. His classmate Jenny recently gave birth to a baby boy and is having a paternity test done. Pray that C.J. isn’t the father, but if he indeed is, please pray that he has the strength to face his parents.

Please keep Mike in your prayers as he tries his best to get tickets to the U-2 concert next week. Also Prayer-requests pray that he doesn’t have to pay too much for the tickets, and if he does, please pray for the souls of the ticket scalpers.

Please pray that Harumi can overcome his addiction to viewing certain pictures and videos on the Internet, which is affecting his work and family life. He wants desperately to overcome his obsession with Will and Kate.

Please pray that Heather will have success with her experiment in chemistry class. There is a cute guy in the class and she is experimenting playing hard to get.

Please pray that Mukesh can solve his Visa issues and bring his wife and children from India. He wants to buy airline tickets and needs a new Visa card to charge them to.

Please keep Veronica in your prayers as she begins a new phase in her life. Pray that she has the strength to survive without Oprah.

Please pray for Joanne, who strongly desires to tie the knot with her boyfriend, Ron. Pray that everything works out for her and that Ron finally gets the hint.

Please pray for Prince, who is trying desperately to get some money out of Nigeria and needs someone’s help.

Please keep Justin in your prayers as he faces a difficult decision in his life: whether to buy a Nintendo Wii or a Sony PlayStation. Help him get the direction he needs.

Please pray for Carson, who promises to come to church every Sunday for the rest of his life if he manages to pass his Grade 12 math exam.

Please pray for Miguel, who is recovering from a big loss and still can’t understand how the Mavericks beat the Heat. Pray that he has the strength to endure another season of watching LeBron come up short.

Please pray for Sunita, who is struggling with temptation and wondering why she couldn’t find employment at some place other than Baskin-Robbins. Pray that she doesn’t eat herself out of a job.

Please pray for Dawn, who is having a health issue. Her doctor says she needs to lose weight, but if she doesn’t get a little bigger, she won’t create enough space for a Justin Bieber tattoo.

Please pray for Jack, who just lost three friends. He doesn’t know why they unfriended him on Facebook. Pray that his prayer request results in a few more friend requests.

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  1. You should tell Mig-uel that that players name is Leb-Ron. Have him use it as mantra for a few weeks — I goo-ar-antree he’ll be cured………….

  2. Manoharan says:

    Bro Melvin,
    My facebook message to the pastor will be as follows :
    Please pray for Melvin Durai who never ceases to amuse.Pray he keeps us giggling till eternity !!!

  3. Hahaha! I love this post. I just discovered your blog and am definitely loving it!

  4. Absolute Melvin!

  5. Melvin you are healing my soul 🙂

  6. Syed M.A.G says:

    This is my prayers:
    Pray you write about Kolavery Song, purported to be a Tamil Song written in English and that is going viral in the world. Pray you write what is so good about it! Pray you write why anyone regardless of race, religion or nationality are taken in by Kolavery. Pray you write this soon!

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