Google’s Glasses: A Glimpse Into the Future

As you’ve probably heard, Google plans to introduce eyeglasses that will have a computerized lens, allowing you to view all kinds of information, as well as entertainment, while you do various tasks. You could, for example, be meeting your girlfriend’s father for the first time, telling him all about your passion for hunting and the eight-point buck you shot during your trip to Montana, while glancing at the display on your lens and reading something useful from the Internet, such as “Ten ways to impress your girlfriend’s father.”

Meanwhile, your girlfriend is also wearing glasses and doing some reading of her own: “Ten ways to keep your vegetarian dad from killing your boyfriend.”

Her father is also reading something: “Ten ways to dispose of a body.”

Yes, the Google glasses will be handy, not just for looking up important information but also for keeping yourself entertained. Don’t be surprised if you go to your church or temple one day and find that half the worshippers are wearing glasses. In the middle of the service, someone might blurt out, “What a beautiful goal!” And someone else might respond, “Don’t tell me you’re following Obama’s speech too!”

The Google glasses, expected to be priced between $250 and $600, will be like a smartphone – one that you can wear and see through. They will have a built-in camera, as well as audio inputs and outputs. They will also come with a GPS (global positioning system) sensor, so that you will know, at any moment of the day, the approximate location of the person who stole your glasses.

Controlling the menu on the glasses won’t be easy at first. You’ll have to move your head to make choices, instead of using your fingers. Some people won’t like it, but at least the church minister will be pleased that people are nodding during his sermon. “My sermons must be getting better,” he will say to his wife. “There were about 10 people nodding today and only 20 nodding off.”

Since the glasses are being produced by Google, you can expect to see a lot of ads. Advertisers are always looking for eyeballs, and thanks to Google’s innovation, your eyeballs will be so close to the display, Google will be able to measure how big they get when the “Join PLO” ad flashes in front of them, along with pictures of whom you can meet at Polish Ladies Online.

With the GPS sensor and built-in camera, Google will be able to serve you the most relevant ads. For example, if you’re sitting in a bar, drinking your fifth beer, you might see an ad for Penn State University. And if you’re drinking your tenth beer, you might see an ad for “Newt Gingrich for President.”

The built-in camera may eventually allow Google Maps to replace its static “Street View” with “Real-Time Street View.” If you want to see Main Street in Salisbury, Connecticut, for example, Google might be able to show you views from dozens of glasses on the street. You could take a virtual stroll with the town’s most famous resident, Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep, as she walks her dog down Main Street. Of course, while “Real-Time Street View” will probably be free, Google will make you pay a small fee for “Real-Time Streep View.”

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