Donald Trump Popularizes ‘Look at Her’ Defense

Defense attorneys all over the world are praising Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for introducing and popularizing the ‘look at her’ defense, which two of the attorneys have already used successfully in court. Trump has been using the ‘look at her’ defense attrump his rallies, as he faces accusations of sexual misconduct from a growing number of women.

David Jones, a defense attorney in Birmingham, England, claimed that he had already successfully used the ‘look at her’ defense to get one of his clients acquitted. “I just happened to be watching highlights of a Donald Trump speech on TV. When I heard his ‘look at her’ defense, I smacked myself across the head. Why didn’t I think of that? They don’t teach you these things in law school. I should have attended Trump University. Luckily one of my clients had just been charged with sexual misconduct – he had exposed himself to a group of older women – and I was able to get the charges dropped using a slightly different version of the ‘look at her’ defense. I went before the judge and said, ‘Do we really believe my client would show his private parts to those women? I mean, look at them. I don’t think so. Believe me, they wouldn’t be his first choice, that I can tell you.”

Another defense attorney, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the ‘look at her’ defense was brilliant because almost any man, no matter how unattractive he himself was, could use it. “I know lots of guys who would sleep with just about anyone wearing a skirt, and you headless-female-mannequindon’t even have to get them drunk. In fact, one of my clients was just arrested for breaking into a Macy’s store in Chicago and molesting a mannequin. Fortunately I heard Trump’s speech before appearing in court. I had the mannequin brought to court and said to the judge, ‘Do you really believe my client would molest this mannequin. I mean, look at her. She doesn’t even have a head. Believe me, she wouldn’t be his first choice, that I can tell you.’”

According to the attorney, the judge was impressed. “He threw out the case against my client, saying that the ‘look at her’ defense was far more convincing than the prosecutor’s evidence of my client’s fingerprints all over the mannequin. It was a great victory for the ‘look at her’ defense.”

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  1. I cannot work as an editor or proofreader for Donald Trump, because he is never wrong.

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