Wanted: A Good Home for a Chicken

Anyone want to adopt a chicken? Hundreds of chickens are being dropped off at animal shelters and sanctuaries around America every year, according to an NBC News article. Chickens, as you know, make really good pets: they don’t need much food, they don’t require you to take them for walks, and they easily fit in […]

The Punjab-Georgia Farmer Exchange Program

The word spread quickly through the farming community in Georgia: thousands of Indian farmers, mostly from the northern state of Punjab, were heading to Georgia to buy large parcels of fertile land. “Who’s selling it to ’em? That’s what I wanna know,” Jack Turner said to his friend Conrad Brown, as they sat in the […]

The Afghan solution: Less opium, more marijuana

Afghan farmers have been instructed not to grow poppy plants, but perhaps they should have been given a copy of The Illustrated Guide to Forbidden Crops. And perhaps also a copy of 101 Bad Things That Could Happen to You in Prison. As Afghanistan struggles to cut its raging opium production, aid workers try to […]