Reviews of “Bala Takes the Plunge”

Updated May 22, 2012 Here are some reviews of my novel “Bala Takes the Plunge,” both positive and negative. Click on the links to read the full reviews. “As someone who’ve loved Melvin’s quirkly style of puns largely centered around mad word play for over 10 years now, I got to say, the book doesn’t […]

Excerpt of “Bala Takes the Plunge”

B. Balasubramaniam, B.E., had always wanted to be a director, but not quite the director he had become. He had wanted to direct Tamil movies and work with superstars like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. What a thrill that would be, having the power to tell Rajini what to do: ‘Sit here, put your legs up, […]

‘Bala Takes the Plunge’ update

  Here's the cover of Bala Takes the Plunge, my humorous novel that will be published by Hachette India in six weeks. The cover was designed by Kedarnath Gupta. Nice work, Kedarnath. We finished the final proofing on BTTP last week.The novel has been listed on several Amazon sites, so I'm hoping readers outside India will eventually be able […]

My book has a home

I’m pleased to announce that my humorous novel will be published in 2010, around July, by Hachette India, a branch of the world’s largest general books publisher. Hachette has been in India for only a few years, publishing its first local book, My Friend Sancho, this past May. The novel, by Amit Varma, was the highest selling fiction debut of the year. I […]

Sorry, I’m a terrible juggler

I wish I was good at juggling, but I'm not. I'm terrible at it. No, I don't mean juggling balls or other objects (though I'm terrible at that, too) – I mean juggling tasks. I don't know what it is about me, but I just can't seem to easily switch from one task to another. That's […]