We Need Ice, But Do We Need ICE?

If you ask Indians on the street how they feel about ice, you will probably get puzzled looks that say, “What kind of an idiotic question is that?” Those who bother answering the question may say something like this: “Of course, I love ice. Who doesn’t love ice in this burning heat? If you want […]

There’s Nothing Like a Good Protest

The tweet was liked and retweeted thousands of times. No one remembered who the original tweeter was, but they understood the importance of the message: “We’re protesting outside the White House this Saturday. Bring your signs and loud voices!” Melissa Diamond, a 30-year-old mother of three, showed the tweet to her husband. “Wanna go?” Mike […]

If Retirement Isn’t For You, Retire From It

Many people, especially those in their late 50s or older, count down the days until retirement. It’s their reward for several decades of hard work, an opportunity to do whatever they want – sleep all morning, watch reruns of “Law & Order,” take a nice hot bath every other month. Having no boss is like […]

If your Facebook friends aren’t inspiring you, you need to try mine

My three children have grown up in the Internet age and don’t remember what life was like before Facebook, Twitter and other social media were around. I remember it well. I remember the days when I didn’t have to compare myself to all the people on Facebook who have achieved so much in their lives. […]

Canada Turns Away Trump Supporters

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters, fleeing what they anticipate to be a rigged election and inevitable Hillary Clinton presidency, were turned away from the Canadian border on Tuesday. Traveling in a convoy of cars, pick-up trucks and RVs, they headed up Interstate 15 through Montana to the border town of Sweet Grass, hoping to settle […]