You Can’t Buy Love, But You Can Buy ‘Like’

I don’t know about you, but when I post something on Facebook, I sometimes get only one or two ‘likes’ – and they’re usually from the same people: my mom and my wife. Okay, that’s not completely true. My wife likes me in real life, but doesn’t really ‘like’ me on Facebook. Or is it […]

Funniest headlines of all time

It isn't easy being a headline writer. Under deadline pressure, you sum up a complex article in a few words, make it fit perfectly and feel extremely proud of yourself. Then you show up at work the next day and wonder why there are coffee stains on all the monitors in the newsroom.  The Huffington Post […]

Freedom to enjoy empowered women

Freedom of speech. It's not something I take for granted. I grew up in Zambia during an era when you could say anything you wanted about the country's president, as long as you had already started the engine of your getaway plane. That's what I love about countries like America and Canada — freedom of speech has no bounds, as long as you […]

Indian, Iranian, what’s the difference?

Is that couple Indian or Iranian? My vote would be Indian, though they could pass for several other nationalities. But Iranian? I don't think so. A Huffington Post editor apparently didn't see the difference. As Ryan Tate of Gawker notes, the editor used the photo on April 23 to illustrate an article about divorces in India and used it again on […]

Shocking news: Gay Indians are getting married!

Newsflash: Gay couples are getting married! And some of them, believe it or not, are Indians! Yes, it's true! Mansi Choksi of The Times of India has done some investigative work and uncovered same-sex marriage ceremonies in Durban, Seattle and Toronto involving Indians. "These warm, happy stories may sound unbelievable given the stream of stories of social hostility against gay people," […]

Newspapers are a treat, not a tweet

It’s been a tough year for the newspaper industry in America. So tough that one major newspaper has printed its own obituary (rest in peace, Rocky Mountain News), another has ended its print edition (see you online, Seattle Post-Intelligencer) and a third is writing its last will and testament (you’re like family to me, San Francisco Chronicle). Many other newspapers are taking drastic steps […]

Indians stealing standup comedy gigs

Sometimes you have to leave the comedy to the professional comedians. Or at least save it for your friends at the bar. Hopefully that's the lesson that Dallas Observer writer Jesse Hughey has learned. Hughey triggered a torrent of "I'm so offended" comments when he previewed a New Year's Eve comedy show featuring Indian-Americans Raj […]

Stephen Lewis, the principal who makes you laugh

Whenever I get a note from the principal or assistant principal at my daughter Lekha's school, I cringe at some of the grammatical or punctuation errors. It reflects poorly on the school, I feel. If principals don't know how to write, they ought to get the English teacher to do it for them — or […]

Akhil Kumar joins others in “crashing out” of Olympics

Still glowing from Abhinav Bindra's gold medal in shooting, Indian sports fans were stunned to hear that Akhil Kumar had "crashed out" of the Olympics. Journalism student V. Balakrishnan was particularly sullen as he ate lunch with his best friend Bobby Johnson at Columbia University in New York. Bobby: "Bala, why aren't you smiling anymore? […]

Malpractice in medicine and journalism

Dr. Dipak Desai, a wealthy gastroenterologist in Las Vegas, had his medical license suspended in February for allegedly endangering his patients. Authorities investigating a cluster of hepatitis C cases had observed clinic nurses reusing syringes in a manner that contaminated vials of medication and, they believe, infected patients. This dangerous practice, according to city investigators, […]