Giving a Boost to Donald Trump

It was a curious sight, three Mexican-American men standing outside the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., all wearing business suits and sombreros. José Rivera, the leader of the group, kept glancing at his watch, while Gabriel Santos and Miguel Avila looked at their phones. “Are you sure no one else is coming?” Rivera asked. […]

Time to Outsource the President’s Security

I was stunned to hear that an armed security contractor with a criminal record recently rode an elevator with President Obama. According to news reports, the Secret Service didn’t do anything about the man until he started taking photos with his cellphone and acting unprofessional. I’m not sure what “acting unprofessional” means, but if I […]

Obama, Romney Clash in Exciting First Debate

The first debate between President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney was so exciting that after 15 minutes, Nielsen TV ratings determined that almost 39 percent of the audience at home was still awake. That’s a record for presidential debates, beating the previous record of 36 percent set at the memorable 1992 Clinton-Bush-Perot debate. […]

Obama Leads Romney —– or does he?

A national Gallup/USA Today/Levitra Poll shows President Barack Obama with a 49 percent to 44 percent lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, with four percent of voters calling themselves “undecided” and three percent saying they are “undecided about being undecided.” The undecideds could swing the election in favor of Romney, but only about 30 percent […]